It is time, now!

Afforestation of at least one billion hectares of land


... demands the Youth Council of the Generations Foundation, in the book "You have no plan, that's why we make one" p.58, 2019


“Biodiversity is , quite simply, life insurance for all of humanity.”
Volker Angres, head of the ZDF environmental department 10/2020


“We finally have to move from knowledge to action.” A fiery appeal from Prof. Mojib Latif in his book “Heisszeit”, p.199, 2020


We plant trees

And reduce CO2


Counteract the climate catastrophe by integrating CO2 from the atmosphere into biomass and permanent humus by planting trees where unused areas lie fallow, e.g. in desert areas!

Instead of spruce monocultures, plant and maintain stable, species-rich forest biotopes.
Promote maximum biodiversity through the creation and maintenance of orchards.

Promotion of school forest projects, including those for people with disabilities.

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