What can I do?


  • Often it is the little things that cause big changes: Advertise your parents, grandparents and neighbors to plant a tree or bee-friendly shrubs and flowers.
  • If a project is in your area, register your interest in a planting campaign, harvest campaign or maintenance campaign using the contact form. So you can take part in a project on site and get involved.
  • Get active and make your own suggestions. Bring your ideas on how we can
    reduce the CO2 content in the atmosphere and promote biodiversity. Get in touch with us and let us know your concern, your idea.

For example, you could bring the idea of ​​the school forest to your children's school , maybe look for a suitable piece of land or woodland together with other parents. Greendesert gGmbH could then take over the financing through donations and provide support in the implementation ...

  • Perhaps you know someone who wants to make their dead forest available for ecological conversion…. 
  • Pass our link on to friends who are looking for the right commitment for a future that is fair to the generations and oriented towards the common good. It is only through this help in publicizing our projects that we can keep our advertising budget small and keep our promise that 93% of the donations will go directly to the projects.
  • And of course we are dependent on a tailwind in the form of a donation: every contribution counts!

From an amount of 100, - Euro you will receive a donation receipt at the end of the year.