Reforestation project in the Egyptian Sahara

Together with your support, we want to reforest 10 km2 of the Egyptian Sahara in a first phase . The Egyptian government is making large areas available for afforestation and the establishment of agroforestry systems. The afforestation projects are led by a team of recognized scientists and experts who have already led reforestation projects in Egypt from 2012-2016. All measures are carried out according to strict ecological criteria, without the use of pesticides and mineral fertilizers, based on the principle of biological equilibrium.

Species-rich forest biotopes

The increasingly frequent hot and dry summers are causing massive damage to our most important biotope, the forest. Not only climate change is to blame for the damage, but also profitable forestry. Large-scale reforestation with spruce monocultures is leading to the devastating state of many forest areas in Germany today. 

We plant and maintain stable and species-rich forest biotopes, which are not oriented towards possible profits, but towards the common good: groundwater protection, biodiversity, CO2 integration and clean air. The work is carried out together with the non-profit adventure forest gUG Bonn.

Orchard meadows project

With your donation, we will plant and maintain orchards together with the non-profit adventure forest gUG Bonn. With this you support the following goals:

  • Maximum biodiversity: up to 5,000 different plant and animal species
  • Contribution to climate protection: Integration of CO2 from the air in biomass and permanent humus 
  • No chemical pesticides or artificial fertilizers
  • Preservation of old types of fruit
  • Inclusion of people with disabilities

School forest project

With the school forest project, you are supporting important environmental educational work. We enable children and young people, both school classes and kindergarten groups, to plant their own forest or to carry out individual maintenance measures. By doing practical work, enthusiasm for nature grows and environmental awareness is strengthened. What an investment in the future!