Species-rich forest biotopes

In Germany alone, 285,000 hectares of forest have died.

Above all, drought and bark beetles have destroyed the spruce forest. Admission to the Westerwald in 2021

It is now a matter of reforesting dead forest areas into healthy mixed deciduous forests with trees of the future. The sweet chestnut could play an important role in many locations. 

This is how the forest areas we have acquired should develop:

Natural rejuvenation Westerwald 2020


Species-rich beech-oak mixed forest Siebengebirge 2020


Multi-part forest and fruit tree meadow society, Siebengebirge 2020


How does your donation work?

  • With your donation you support the goal of buying dead forest areas from private property throughout Germany.
  • Dead areas are replanted by us or cared for as natural regeneration and converted into stable and species-rich forest biotopes.
  • With the acquisition, we want to ensure a paradigm shift: Out of profit-oriented forestry, towards a forest management concept that is based on public welfare tasks: erosion protection, groundwater protection, high biodiversity and species protection, clean air and the integration of CO2 , as well as the selection of tree species appropriate to the location.
  • The forest serves us all as a recreational area, a source of strength and a place of rest!

With your donation, we will plant new young trees here 


  • Your money arrives: We guarantee that 93% of your donation will be invested directly in reforestation. Only 7% is spent on office and administration.
  • For all donations over € 100 you will receive a donation receipt at the end of the year ..

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