Orchard meadows project

A habitat for up to 5,000 different plants and animal species is created here!

First orchard meadow project: 57612 Birnbach an der K 20

The lush green-looking meadow is actually a habitat that is completely impoverished in terms of species. Due to the intensive fertilization and high intensity of use, almost all flowering plants have disappeared, and the insect population is correspondingly impoverished. Above all, the number of wild bees is falling dramatically. Many species of birds are disappearing. The impoverishment of habitats has progressed dramatically worldwide due to intensive agriculture, the use of pesticides and high levels of artificial fertilizers. Even if we can only make a tiny contribution at the moment, we are doing our best to oppose this development:

  • We plant a sloe and wild rose hedge with hawthorn, elderberry, wild cherry, rock pear and hazelnut bushes.
  • We create a Benjes hedge that offers nesting opportunities for many species of birds.
  • We build Julen for the birds of prey.
  • We plant a willow hedge, which is of great importance for many species of bees.
  • We build nesting aids for wild bees.
  • We plant standard trees (apples, pears and cherries) and preserve old varieties. 
  • The area is cultivated purely organically, without artificial fertilizers and without the use of pesticides.

We have already started the first planting

Sloe wild rose hedge

First planting and compost fertilization

A habitat for up to 5,000 different plants and animal species is created here!

Our meadow should develop into this diversity:



Maintenance cut in an older stock in 2021



Where is there still room for biodiversity here?

This picture shows the result of a misguided agricultural policy: no tree, no bush and no hedge as far as the horizon. For many years, industrialized agricultural production was unilaterally promoted, which would not function without the use of agrochemicals. What a fatal mistake!

We are resolutely opposed to this overexploitation of nature!

We want to slow down land use on many areas and create a habitat for many plant communities and animal species. In all projects we show that organic farming works, without artificial fertilizers and without pesticides. With compost fertilization we increase the humus content and thus the natural fertility of the soil.

Your donation for biodiversity!

  • Your money arrives: We guarantee that 93% of your donation will be invested directly in reforestation. Only 7% is spent on office and administration.
  • For all donations over € 100 you will receive a donation receipt at the end of the year ..

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