Reforestation project in the Egyptian Sahara

What is it about

The Sahara covers a huge area of ​​9.1 million square kilometers of desert. What a huge potential for planting trees, creating new habitats and also producing food in agroforestry systems! With the highest possible biodiversity, we want to create stable ecosystems and bind CO2 from the atmosphere.

  • First we want to reforest 10 km2 desert. Further areas are to follow.
  • The first location is near Cairo (irrigation with pre-treated municipal sewage)
  • Later, areas on the Mediterranean and the Red Sea are also to be afforested (irrigation using desalinated seawater).
  • The reforestation projects and the planting of agroforestry systems are being carried out on site together with our partner, Foresight for Development and Innovation AG and its president, the forest scientist El Kateb and the forest experts in Egypt under the direction of Prof. Dr. Hammad performed.
  • The basic scientific research on the sustainable reforestation of desert areas was carried out in a pilot project mainly in the years 2012-2016 by a team of German-Egyptian forest scientists led by the forest scientist El Kateb. The following image and video material is based on these test plantings.
  • The knowledge gained from the test plantings is now to be applied across a wide area and large desert areas to be reforested and also used as agroforestry.

From the desert to species-rich forest biotopes




Planting with an irrigation system


pastedGraphic_5.png  pastedGraphic_6.png

A few weeks after planting.